personal cooling

Why Personal Cooling is needed

Heat stress - reduced job performance

In the human body, around 70% of muscular work is transformed into heat. High temperatures and protective clothing reinforces thermal stress. Concentration and performance suffer with negative impact on productivity for the company and on safety for the individual affected.

Hot workplaces, in which temperatures are significantly in excess of body temperature, are especially affected. Reduced working performance and a threat to the safety of all involved individuals are possible consequences.

Impact on the body

Stress on the organism of those affected can be well above that of other workplaces. Thick protective clothing was shown to result in body temperatures over 39°C and hence lead to exhaustion after just 30 minutes of moderate physical work. In many cases there is also a high physical workload generating additional body heat. Depending on the physical demands of the work and the level of ambient temperature, critical body temperatures can be reached.

The heart's activity increases with rising ambient temperature. The heart rate steps up as a linear function of the human rectal temperature. Metabolic processes are also impaired.

Literature in the field of occupational medicine and studies dealing with heat stress at the workplace therefore emphasize the importance of effective body cooling systems, which have a physiological effect and effectively support and stimulate the body's own heat dissipation.

Invest in better performance: Cool your body

Inuteq mimics and supports the temperature regulation of the human body with its perspiration and cooling by evaporating sweat.

The cooling vest can be easily (re)filled  with (normal drinking) water (600ml maximum), cooling will start immediately. The cooling is based on an evaporation process of the available water in the vest.

The functional fibers of the vest are convenient to wear and are absolutely dry on the outside. They cool down the area of the cardiovascular system on the upper body mostly affected by thermal stress. The Inuteq system is designed for professional use. The Inuteq cooling technology provides fully automatic activation and control and ensures that the cooling vests are ready for use 24 hours a day.

Just Stay Cool

Irrespective of the environmental temperature you keep cool and therefore have better conditions for health, concentration and performance.

As a result of the physical principle of evaporation cooling, Inuteq cools more intensively at higher temperatures and less intensively at low temperatures. This produces optimal cooling at all times, the high tech material also absorbs the body's own perspiration, thereby also promoting the body's own cooling system. Dependent on the ambient temperature, the cooling effect is maintained for hours up to several days and is therefore suitable for any period of work and deployment.

The complete solution

Thermal stress on the body, fluid loss, exhaustion, lack of concentration, drop in performance, stress on the cardiovascular system, hot workplaces are often associated with an increased exposure on health.

Body temperature rises, large amounts of fluids are lost. The cardiovascular system suffers along with many metabolic processes.

Protect your customers employees against thermal stress with Inuteq through its natural personalized and long-lasting temperature regulation system.

Using Inuteq in your products or separately

The Inuteq technology can be used on your own product-line by obtaining a license for it.

Inuteq will supply you with technical knowledge and help you with design features to correctly integrate the technology into your existing product line.

The Inuteq vest can also be worn underneath the existing uniforms. The cooling effect will be slightly less efficient, but tests in the field resulted in positive feedback.

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